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The Detox Shop - Natural Ways to Better Health

The Detox Shop believe all of should have access to natural ways to reduce the toxicity in our life. Whether it's detoxing your body, your home or your lifestyle, we offer a range of easy ways for you to make things better. We offer a fine selection of advanced detoxification aids, weight loss products, enzyme and oxygen therapy supplements and raw and organic superfoods, with an emphasis on superior quality and professional grade formulations.

Blockbuster AllClear Serrapeptase Enzymes
Sun Chlorella A tablets
Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse Oxygen Capsules

Blockbuster AllClear

Blockbuster AllClear is a powerful collection of enzymes and supporting nutrients geared up towards reducing inflammation, promoting healing and internal cleansing. The manufacturer provides numerous testimonials about blood pressure reduction, artierial cleansing and lung support to name just a few benefits.

Sun Chlorella

Using their state of the art patented Japanese milling processes, Sun Chlorella A is considered to be the finest brand of commercially produced Chlorella. So much so that even reknowned naturopathic doctor, Dr Bernard Jensen, recommends it after inspecting Sun Chlorella's factories, production, process and product personally.

As well as brimming with nutrients, Sun Chlorella provides Chlorella Growth Factor, a unique nutrient that helps the body to rebuild at DNA level.

Oxy-Powder Oxygen Capsules

Oxy-Powder is a very popular oxygen cleansing product with multiple uses. Great for colon cleansing, increasing energy levels and alertness, aiding health regeneration, alleviating constipation, supporting immune system and detoxfying heavy metals